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Dough sheeter

Discover our pasta sheeters, essential tools for bakery and pastry. If you're looking for an affordable, professional-quality pasta sheeter, you've come to the right place. Our range of pasta sheeters includes pasta machines and cost-effective professional sheeters designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Whether you want to prepare delicious puff pastry for your pastries or savory pizza dough, our pasta sheeters provide the power and precision necessary to achieve perfect results every time. With their advanced functionality, you'll be able to work the dough quickly and efficiently, optimizing your production process.

In addition to pasta sheeters, we also offer a selection of utensils specially designed for pasta preparation, such as bakery dough dispensers. These handy tools will allow you to handle and roll out the dough with ease, saving you time and ensuring professional results.

Don't compromise the quality of your bakery and pastry products. Choose our pasta sheeters and dedicated utensils for pasta preparation to improve your efficiency and productivity while creating high-quality pasta that will delight your customers.



Vitesse (tr/min) : 133Largeur (mm) : 1630/790Profondeur (mm) : 730Hauteur (mm) : 640Poids brut (kg) : 150Renseignements : L'épaisseur de la pâte peut être réglée de 0 à 35 mm.Tension (Volt) : 230Fréquence de tension (Hz) : 50Puissance totale (kW) : 0,75


Vitesse (tr/min) : 214Largeur (mm) : 2050Profondeur (mm) : 870Hauteur (mm) : 1225Poids brut (kg) : 250Renseignements : L'épaisseur de la pâte peut être réglée de 0 à 39 mm.Tension (Volt) : 400Fréquence de tension (Hz) : 50Puissance totale (kW) : 1.1