Professional Microwave - 1500W Microwave - 3200W Microwave


Microwaves are essential equipment in a modern professional kitchen. If you're looking for high-quality professional microwaves, you've come to the right place. Our range of professional microwaves offers a quick and efficient cooking solution for chefs and restaurant professionals.

The 1500W professional microwave is designed to meet the high demands of professional kitchens. With its optimal power, it provides fast and uniform cooking for a variety of dishes. Its spacious capacity and advanced features allow you to prepare delicious meals in no time.

If you need even higher power, the 3200W professional microwave is perfect for you. With its exceptional power, it can quickly heat food while preserving their flavor and texture. Whether it's for defrosting, reheating, or cooking, this professional microwave is your best ally in the kitchen.

Choosing the right professional microwave is essential to ensure optimal efficiency and perfect cooking results. Our professional microwaves are made with quality materials and advanced technologies, guaranteeing reliable and durable performance.

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Opération : Touch screenCapacité brut (Ltr) : 25Dimensions espace Four lxpxh (mm) : 327x346x200Eclairage : NonPuissance (Watts) : 1000EAN code : 7435137870838Largeur (mm) : 511Profondeur (mm) : 432Hauteur (mm) : 311Tension (Volt) : 230Colis postal : OuiFréquence de tension (Hz) : 50Puissance totale (kW) : 1,5Poids brut (kg) : 17



Opération : Touch screen
Capacité brut (Ltr) : 34
Dimensions espace Four lxpxh (mm) : 360x409x225
Eclairage : Non
Puissance (Watts) : 2100
EAN code : 7435137870821
Largeur (mm) : 574
Profondeur (mm) : 528
Hauteur (mm) : 368
Tension (Volt) : 230
Colis postal : Non
Fréquence de tension (Hz) : 50
Puissance totale (kW) : 3.2
Poids brut (kg) : 34.3