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Food processors

CHR equipment is essential for any culinary professional or enthusiast. When it comes to preparing delicious dishes and saving time and energy, a high-quality food processor is a must-have.

We offer a wide range of accessories for food processors, and appliances such as spiral dough mixers, perfect for mixing and kneading bread, pizza, or pastry doughs. With their robust design and efficient operation, these dough mixers save you time while ensuring perfectly kneaded dough that's ready to use. The planetary mixer is another essential accessory for your food processor. With its power and versatility, it allows you to mix, whisk, and emulsify a variety of ingredients. Whether you're preparing creams, light batters, or smooth sauces, the planetary mixer ensures consistent and professional-quality results.

To further simplify your tasks in the kitchen, our dough sheeter is a handy accessory. It allows you to evenly and precisely roll out dough for tarts, pizzas, or pastries. Save time and ensure perfectly rolled-out dough every time. Our beater mixer is ideal for mixing and incorporating various ingredients. Whether you're making cake batters, muffin mixes, or light creams, this mixer offers high efficiency and consistent results. We understand the importance of having quality accessories for your food processor. That's why we are committed to providing you with reliable, durable, and high-performing products. Trust our expertise in CHR equipment to offer you cutting-edge solutions and exceptional results.

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